Our company integrates the work of top researchers in multiple disciplines of mental health with proprietary media, to produce documentary-style educational tools.  This educational content has been shown to discreetly connect users to effective, evidence-based content and support services. 

Based on our research over the last decade, we have developed game-changing mobile applications and analytics. The trainings can now be offered to specific target audiences through mobile applications that utilize sophisticated “artificial intelligence” back-end analytics. This model is built on collaborative, agile development, in order to bring new trainings to market in a matter of weeks, not years. 

Through our work, we know that:

  • Targeted, mobile-based educational programs reach more individuals, professionals and families
  • Scalability is important to provide mental health education by creating discreet, accessible experiences in many content areas
  • Reaching a broader audience and distributing safe, evidence-based content to targeted audiences is a key to prevention and healing
  • Sophisticated analytics platforms track outcomes, data, and user experiences alike
  • Research-driven content that incorporates film, music, empathic stories, and medical research, improves engagement and – most importantly – helps individuals find hope and healing

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